My First Experience as a Runner

Sunday 22nd October 2017 was the day I started my first ever runner position for a show called ‘National Treasure’s’.  The show was looking for production runners for their roadshow which was taking place throughout Ireland. They came to Belfast for one day and fortunately I managed to gain the role for the Belfast shoot.

How did I find out about the role? 

The role was advertised on Facebook. I had to email the production with a CV and other details about myself.

What is the ‘National Treasures Roadshow’?

The National Treasures Roadshow is part of an upcoming television series for RTÉ One, with host John Creedon. It is a campaign to collect everyday objects that explore this history of Ireland over the last 100 years. The roadshow took place in Belfast, Cork Dublin and Galway. The show allowed the public to come in with historical objects for historians to exam and for them to reveal the fascinating stories behind them.

What did I do on the day? 

During my position as a runner my first duty was during the setup. I had to help the set designer to carry large flags outside the titanic building and to make sure that they were weighed down so they wouldn’t fall over or fly away. During the first half of the day my main job was to go out to the public and hand out flyers which would hopefully encourage them to go up to the roadshow and visit the historians. I was also responsible for guiding the public to and from the set so that they knew where they where going. I was also allowed to stay on set and talk to the crew and ask about their positions and gain advice. Everyone was really lovely and friendly, I had a great day and absolutley loved gaining a new experience.




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