I have been extremely fortunate to have gained a place as a Trainee DIT on Cinemagics’ new and upcoming film ‘Grace and Goliath’. There were 37 Trainees on this project between the ages 18 – 25. This was an amazing opportunity for us young inspiring filmmakers to gain our first credit on a feature film! I never thought at the age of 20 I would ever accomplish something like this. During the course of filming we worked alongside industry professionals such as Director Tony Mitchell, DOP Aidan Gault , DIT Cel Bothwell Fitzpatrick , Gaffer James Maguire and loads more ! The film is produced by Cinemagic and written by Maire Campbell who had also written their first feature film A Christmas Star. Cinemagics first feature film A Christmas Star was such a success for the trainees that they have now secured work in various film and television companies such as BBC, Disney, HBO, Sky, RTE and Bedlam Productions.


First day of masterclasses!

In this Blog post I will talk about my first two days of introductory masterclasses we had at the very start of the project. I wont write about my experience onset until next year which is when the film will be released as I don’t want to leak any spoilers !!!

The masterclasses we participated in covered a range of departments within the industry. Over the two days we learnt about cinematography, music, costume, make-up, directing, camera work and also rules behind broadcasting and distributing film.

DAY ONE – 9am – 6pm

Today was the first day the project officially started for me. I had been so excited for this day ever since I found out I was accepted on to the project. I was so excited to meet new people and make new contacts.

When we first arrived at the ulster bank which was where all our masterclass’s for the first two days were taking place we had an introduction to the project which lasted an hour. Next up we had an overview panel with Producer and Cinemagic Chief Executive Joan Burney , Script writer Maire Campbell and Director Tony Mitchell . This involved us hearing about their plans for the project and also hearing more plans on the script. It was also a chance for us to introduce ourselves and to tell everyone what our role was on the project. Next up we had a Directing masterclass with Tony and then also a Music masterclass with Mark Gordon who works for Sixteen South to finish off our day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 22.40.02.png

Overview panel with Tony Mitchel, Joan Burney and Maire Campbell


DAY TWO – 9am – 6pm

Second day of masterclasses and also the last. The day started of with a Masterclass with Michael Wilson. Michael Wilson was the UTV managing director and he went through an exercise with us on how to handle a situation on deciding which news stories to broadcast on the news. This was really interesting as it taught me that you had to really think carefully about what news is suitable to broadcast on national TV because if you make a bad decision on what to broadcast there could be severe consequences.  Next up was a masterclass was with Stacey Teague on costume and production Design. This was really interesting as Stacy talked about her role in costume and she actually brought in some of the costumes from Game Of Thrones ! We then had a make up masterclass with Liz Boston . Finally we had a cinematography masterclass with DOP Aidan Gault .I was really excited for this masterclass because I had already seen Aidan’s showreel posted and shared on Facebook before this masterclass which I thought was really beautiful and incredible. I was also really impressed by his masterclass especially as he is only a couple of years older than me and he is doing so well in his career.

This is my first post of my experience on Grace and Goliath. I will definitely be posting about my experience as a Trainee DIT working on the film next year when the film comes out !!



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