Get Your Foot in The Door with RTS Futures NI


Earlier today (23rd February 2017) I went to an event called Get Your Foot In The Door with RTS Futures NI. This event was quite similar to a masterclass as I was part of an audience set in front of a panel of industry professionals who talked about their own experiences in the film industry.

The panel included;

  • Kieran Doherty (Managing Director of Stellify Media)
  • Terry Brennan (Head of News and Programmes at UTV)
  • Leon Mc Geowan-Fee (Production Manager for Disney’s ‘The Lodge’ and ‘The Secret Life of Boy’s)
  • Colin Bateman (Author and Screenwriter)
  • Michael Lennox (Film Director)

This event mainly focused on Directing, Producing, Scriptwriting and Journalism. As an aspiring film editor I decided to get tickets for this event because I wanted to learn a lot more about the different roles in film. It is important for an editor to know this as they are multi skilled in most areas of film. This is because they can use other areas to help understand how a film was shot etc allowing them to incorporate that knowledge into to editing .

This event gave me a lot of advice such as;

  • Volunteer for everything when trying to break into the industry
  • Get a role as a runner and make contacts, ask the crew about their roles.
  • Say if you make a mistake. This will save time and money.
  • In relation to Job applications, look at the company, email the right person, know the company, stand out, send a good cover letter and BE CREATIVE!!
  • Get work experience and get your name known.
  • Look into funding. (NI Screen)
  • Dress smart casual for an interview in this industry.

Overall the event was really helpful allowing me to connect with those in the industry and also allowing me to seek advice and tips that will help me in the future when trying to get my foot in the door.



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