Strictly Come Dancing! – Antrim Parish


Since I have finished on the BFI Network course I want to keep this blog as a portfolio for any film related work I have been involved in. The new project I am now working on is behind the scene footage for a community Strictly come dancing competition. On this project I will be working with Chloe Langton , Nicholas Tracey and Wayne Anthony. My role will be as a camera operator.

Updates on project;

19th September 2016

Today was the very first day of Strictly and everyone was meeting each other for the first time. However , I already new Chloe before so it was amazing that she was able to introduce me to Nicholas and Louise as I will now have the opportunity to work with them in the future.  Today we collected footage of the dancers first time learning the moves which was great as it allowed us to gain a lot of comical footage. We then moved on to set up an interview area which is shown in the image below. This allowed us to get a more personal insight of the dancers background.


Interview Area

3rd October 2016

Today was our second day filming behind the scenes of Strictly. The dancers got split into their pairs today so it was a chance for us to capture their different routines and ‘best’ moments.


21st November 2016 – Final day of filming!

Today was the final day filming our strictly dancers! Once we arrived at our destination we quickly set up to begin interviewing the dancers. Today I was designated the role as the sound operator , Nicholas as the camera operator and Wayne as the interviewer.  The questions that where asked consisted of ” What dances were they performing?”, “Any drama amongst the group?”, “Do you think you will win?” etc. I have operated a boom and have taken on the role of doing sound before so I was quite familiar with the equipment but it was great to get used to it again and to take on this kind of role that I never usually opt for.

Below you can see the sound equipment and the interview set up for this day.


I really loved working on this project with Chloe, Nicholas and Wayne. I gained a lot of experienced and learned a lot from them which I had hoped for. Now that the filming and sound etc is complete Wayne is going to complete the edit and send it to the organiser’s so they can show it on the performance days. Hopefully I can work with these guys again as the effort that was put in by everyone was amazing. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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