Unit 2


My Project plan

I am going to work with my group to come up with a 10 minute short film. We will all come up with ideas that will help us all develop a storyline which we will then incorporate into a script.


Evidence of Brainstorming Idea’s

We will all have designated roles in our group. They will be as follows;

  • Rebecca Deane and Philip Doherty – Directors
  • Kieran Faloone, Mike Robinson – Script writers
  • Mark Ferris – Camera Operator
  • Jenna Robinson – Producer and Sound
  • Ciara Mc Larnon (Me) and Susan Mc Cartney – Editor
  • Noah Demauldre – Set design and Props

I will be editing our short film. Editing is something I am really passionate about and is something I am very keen on developing my skills on. I hope to pursue a career as a film maker and editor someday and I feel this is a perfect opportunity to use my skills and also develop them by learning from others. I am also looking forward to having Patrick Maxwell as a mentor on the programme as he will be able to give me feed back and also advice on my film and editing skills.

The group met at the BBC to discuss the production of the film. During the pre production we discussed the storyline,props,locations and schedules etc. I found the Makeup Artist for the film and organised a lift for her as she lived quite far away from the locations. I was also given a deadline for my editing role which I met.

What are the aims of this project?

I believe the aim of this project is to allow me to gain a better understanding  of working in a team to create a film and to give me experience in working in a professional environment. The project will also have deadlines I will have to meet as an editor so it will also provide a more professional atmosphere as I will be working under pressure. This project will also allow me to add a lot of experience to my C.V which will benefit me greatly. I will also be able to network with others who I have the same interests with and can hopefully create more short films with in the future.

What resources will I need?

Of course for starters we will need equipment to create our film with. This will include the following;

  • Camera
  • Boom
  • Lighting
  • Editing Software

We will be able to get all our equipment off people we know we will all work as a team to find equipment. Mark will be able to borrow a camera off his course and Patrick will provide us with a Boom mic and I own editing software on my laptop. We will also need cars to bring us to our locations so we will organise car pools or trains to take us there.

Health and safety?

Things that could go wrong;

  • Cars could break down = people arriving late.
  • Unexpected Weather
  • Technical difficulties

To make sure none of the above will take place Jenna will provide a call sheet with all the times we need to arrive at our location at. The crew should leave an extra 15 minutes earlier incase of e.g road diversions that may cause them to be late. Jenna will also inform the crew on what the weather will be like on set the days of filming. We will be filming mostly outside so this will be very important. This will allow for the crew to dress appropriately for the weather. To avoid technical difficulties we will bring spare memory cards and batteries etc for all our equipment.

How will we promote our film?

We will upload our film to youtube and enter it into Film Festivals. We will share the film on Facebook to allow a wider audience to view our work.

Update – 17/09/16

We entered our film into the Film Devour Film Festival and came second in the audience choice award.

How will you know the project has worked?

Once the project is over we will be able to listen to feed back on our film. We will also be able to network with others once the project is over.

Evidence of some positive feedback on our work;





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