Unit 2 Parts C+D


Evidence of what you did to make your project happen

DAVE <- Click here to view our final Film

The above link will direct you to our final film ‘Dave’ which has been uploaded to Youtube.

Below I will upload some stills of our Make up on set. I helped arrange the make up artist for film.


Info about how you encouraged and communicated with others

We made a WhatsApp group chat which allowed us to communicate as one whole group. This allowed us to exchange information to each other in one message. As everyone has different opinions about certain aspects of the film compromises had to be made and everyones agreement had to be sought.

I communicated with Patrick Maxwell by email. Below is an example;

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 01.42.09

I was happy with Patricks feedback and I took on his advice as it was very helpful. There were difficult moments as well. It was difficult to find music for the film that didn’t have a copyright. Also as I live in the country the internet is very slow so I had to take my laptop to a Starbucks in another town to get my film uploaded to Patrick.

Evidence on how you are developing your leadership skills

I developed my leadership roles as I was an editor within our BFI movie. In the future I really want to have a career as an editor. Having this role in our BFI film allowed me to gain new skills and allowed me to receive feedback and advice from others. I had deadlines to meet as an editor which allowed me to take control of my role.

Evidence of the editing process

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 02.03.25

Editing process of the Shop Scene

A technical highlight in this film I was quite proud of where the freeze frames at the end of the credits I put in for the actors. I was inspired by previous comedy films I had watched and seen similar ideas in. The image below shows someone actually commenting about this;

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 02.08.17


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