Unit 2 – Part E


I feel that this was a very successful project and I have greatly benefited from it. This project allowed me to develop my editing skills and allow me to gain feedback from others on how to improve. It also was a great experience with allowing me to see what all goes into creating a short film. It showed me what to do and what not to do when planning/ filming one. I have also networked with a large group of people who I will be able to work with in the future. We all have made plans to make more short films together. I also loved the masterclasses that this course offered as it allowed me to listen to industry professional’s and I gained a lot of knowledge and tips from them. I am very happy that I was able to take part in this course as I feel it was a stepping stone in my journey to pursuing my dream career.

Feedback from others;

Noah- “Ciara met all the deadlines given to her involved with editing and also kept the group involved and updated with everything that was happening”

Phillip- “Ciara kept in good contact with me and we went on Skype sometimes to give feedback on the editing. Ciara worked well within our group”

I felt the feedback was really positive and I was thankful they had good things to say about me. Patricks feedback was also very educational and encouraging.

Overall my leadership on my editing role was a success and was very worth while. This was my first time working on an edit that was not fully my own. I have now went on to editing other short films which are not fully my own which is amazing. Working in a team is very important as it gives you a great insight into how your future in this industry will work. Working in a team to create a film means my main focus is on one thing (editing) and everyone takes on a role of their own. This is what it will be like when I hopefully have a career one day as an editor/filmmaker.

What leadership skills did I develop?

I learned to voice my opinion and to know that my ideas are worthwhile. I developed my management my skills by organising our makeup artist and taking a lead role by communicating through WhatsApp and getting feedback on my edit.

What did I enjoy most?

I enjoyed the whole process on the making of ‘DAVE’. I especially enjoyed obviously the editing but also being on location with the rest of the crew. This project was also a great way to meet like minded people.

What did I find most difficult/complicated in my role?

During the process of our film making my laptop broke. As an editor my laptop is extremely important to me as I need it to edit the film. I resolved this issue by digging into my bank and splashing out on a brand new laptop. This is something i’m extremely passionate about and was an opportunity i did not want to miss out on. As an editor I rely on my laptop so it would have been important for me to get a new one anyway so it was a real investment.

Another difficult issue within the process of the edit was that my co editor was on holidays and we where going to split the edit. However the footage the other editor was meant to send to me failed to send over the internet so I then had a lot of pressure on me to do most of the edit myself. we did Skype a few times to help resolve the issue to get feedback on any ideas and on how the film was looking so far.

What have I learned about communication?

I have learned that not everybody has the same opinion and it is important to let everyone voice their opinions. Sometimes compromises have to be made so everyone is happy with the final outcome

What have I learned about planning and my art form?

I have learned that I have to work within a time frame and to meet my deadlines. Schedules are important within planning so everything will run smoothly on the day. I have learned a lot about my art form through advice given to me in this project and it has only convinced me more that this is what I want to do.

What would I do differently next time?

I cant really think of anything I would do differently. I feel that ‘DAVE’ was a huge success and the feedback we are recieveing on it at the moment is amazing. Some of the audience¬†members have even commented wanting a ‘DAVE 2″ which I would really love to do.

Overall the BFI networking project will be one of the most memorable times of my life. It has been a great stepping stone for me ,I have met so many amazing people whilst gaining new skills and developing old ones. I would seriously recommend anyone interested in filmmaking to take part in this project!


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