Unit 1 Part A,B + C


Describe your Arts Challenge

The Arts Challenge which has been chosen is to write a 5 to 10 minute screenplay which I will present to the rest of the BFI participants and mentors. I will be presenting my pitch in December then writing the screenplay over the Christmas Holidays. I will then present the final draft in January.

I have set this Challenge for myself as scriptwriting has always been a challenge to me. I always find it difficult to come up with a story so I found setting this challenge would help me develop my skills in a key area in which I don’t normally find my self working on.


My Strengths:

  • Once I have an idea in my head I can develop the story well.
  • I know how to write a script in the correct format.

My Weaknesses

  • I find coming up with an idea for a script really hard.
  • I sometimes find creating an interesting dialogue hard.

This challenge should take approximately or the equivalent of three months, spending one to two hours a week on the activity. I will start my first draft in November and I will then have a final read through of my Final draft in January.


I will prepare a 5 – 10 minute script which I will work on which I will then present to my peers, My peers will then give me feedback to help me develop my script further. I will also attend a Q&A session with Ryan Rowe who will give me and the rest of the BFI a lot more insight into script writing. Once that session is finish I will begin to develop my script more until we all meet up again and can discuss each others scripts.

What Resources will I use?

  • On the 3rd of November I will have a Master class with Maire Campbell the Scriptwriter of Cinemagics film ‘A Christmas Star’. Hopefully this Masterclass will give me a much better understanding on how to develop ideas for a script.

Who is Maire Campbell?

Maire is well known for being the screenwriter for ‘A Christmas Star’ ,Northern Irelands first Christmas feature film by Cinemagic.

Update: I found it difficult to come up with an idea and to elaborate on it for my script. After listening to Maire I realised I needed to put a structure in place. I needed to have a beginning, middle and end to the story. This made the process much easier.

  • On the 4th of November we will have a Q&A session with Ryan Rowe who will answer a lot of our questions on script writing.

Who is Ryan Rowe?

“Ryan Rowe is a graduate of the UCLA Film School, he has written feature screenplays for Universal, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, New Line, and Miramax, among others. His produced feature credits include co-writing the indie classic “Tapeheads” starring John Cusack and Tim Robbins and co-scripting the first “Charlie’s Angels” movie starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, and directed by McG. In the world of TV movies, Ryan wrote the remakes of “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” and “The Love Bug” for ABC’s “The Wonderful World of Disney.” Ryan has also performed uncredited work on such feature films as Zach Snyder’s “Legend of the Guardians” and “Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” as well as punch-up work on numerous TV shows and TV movies. His award-winning short film “I’m On Fire” played on the Fox Movie Channel and at festivals around the world, including the prestigious New York Film Festival. As of 2011, Ryan is re-writing an animated feature for an Australian company, as well as co-writing two TV pilots – one for NBC International, and the other for HBO, with David Fincher attached to direct.”  Resource:IMDb

  • On the 5th of November we will pitch our scripts to Patrick Maxwell who will give us feedback on how to develop our scripts even further

Update:  We had a pitching session with patrick and we all read our scripts to him so he could give us feedback. I was extremely nervous before this session as I didn’t feel overly confident about my script. When I started to talk about my script I felt a bit more at ease as Patrick seemed to be approachable and interested. See below to see his feedback. His feedback was very constructive and I learned a lot from it.

My Progress so far:

November 16th- So far I have created a spider diagram of ideas I can use for my script

November 25th- I have began the development of my script. I have came up with the briefs for my beginning middle and end I just need to develop my dialogue now.

November 27th- I now have a final draft of my script and will be reading it to the rest of my peers at our next session.

IMG_0176 (1)

3 drafts of script

The story I developed was about a girl called Paula and a drug dealer. Paula is a 16 year old girl who is addicted to drugs. She struggles to gather the money for the drug dealer and gets herself in bother. She decides to go out onto the streets to busk to collect this money. Paula finds a passion in this which takes her focus away from drugs which betters her lifestyle. The script ends by her telling this story to a support group. Everyone applauds at the end.

Click this link to view the final script.

Review and Feedback of my work:

Patrick Maxwell – The feed back I received from Patrick was that there was a good idea behind my script however in every scene I should create some more drama so the audience’s attention will be more drawn in.

Noah Demeuldre- The feedback I received from Noah is very similar to Patricks, Noah liked the idea behind the story but felt the need for more drama.

Over all I found this challenge quite hard as I find it really hard coming up with an idea for a script and developing the dialogue. Patrick liked the idea for my script so that went well but I knew I hadn’t developed the idea enough to hold the interest of an audience. I still feel that my main weakness is coming up with an idea However, it has made me more interested in trying to create some scripts in my spare time to see if I can develop my skill and will hopefully someday turn one of them into a film. 


Above you can see Cinemagic promoted our film Dave on their Facebook and congratulated us when we came runner up at the Film Devour Festival.


Belfast Film Devour Festival

Film Devour is a local film festival in Belfast so local filmmakers can show of their talents. We recently entered our BFI film ‘DAVE’ into this festival which had taken part on Wednesday 5th October.

Below are some images from the programme on that night:




Dave is number 16 on the programme as you can see above. Our film was up against 17 other very well made films in the festival. As an audience member at this event I noticed the crowd was largely male and around over 25’s. We felt the other filmmakers in the audience where a lot older so may have had a lot more experience than us. This made us quite anxious however we where just hoping to get a good reaction from our audience more than anything at this festival. Once we watched through the other films we had to select our favourite. I am very delighted to say that ‘DAVE’ got an amazing reaction and on top of that we came second in the audience choice award which I could not be more delighted about. I have only ever been to the Cinemagic festival before this so this was the first time going to something different. It was an amazing experience and a great way to network with people. I cant wait to go again.

My thoughts on the festival-

It was really good to watch other local film makers short films which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also find this sort of event is an amazing way to network with people. There was nothing I would have changed about this event. While I was at the event I learned the power of going to events like these. Its a great way to present your talents to other passionate film makers who I will be able to network with in the future. Most of the films where of a very high standard with some very creative ideas. I would certainly recommend to all young filmmakers that they should go to events like this and submit their films as they would learn a lot from it.

Below you can see evidence that I have shared my review with my fellow BFI friends;

Call sheets and schedules

Before we began filming Dave Jenna our producer came up with call sheets and schedules so our schedule will be more convenient and practical. Please see them attached below;

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.35.47

Call Sheet


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.36.09


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.36.14


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.36.19




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